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"Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts." Wendell Berry

After watching our shows, people often feel inspired to take some positive action for an ecologically sustainable future, and ask us what they can do to make a difference. In response to this, we have produced an information sheet with some ideas for steps we can all take in our everyday lives, and we have reproduced some of those ideas on this page.

We are all drawn to do different things, of course, and the list below is neither meant as a definitive list, nor as a stick to beat yourself with! These are just a few ideas from among the many, so take anything that’s interesting or useful, and leave the rest…


Be restless...
Stand up to organisations that put economics above people and planet. Think about what will really give us all a good quality of life and work towards it.

...But be restful
Trying to save the world can be tiring! Don't get burnt out. Giving time to mindfulness can lead to much more effective and enjoyable solutions.

Be native
Whether your were born here or not - get to know the natural world around you. Developing a sense of belonging brings peace and strength.

Ride a bicycle
Let's get out of our cars and onto our bikes. Less pollution, less traffic congestion, less noise, fewer accidents, reduced CO2 emissions increased health, better quality of life...

Buy as local as possible
Reduces CO2 emissions from transport and revives local communities.

Buy less stuff
Less stuff means fewer resources used, fewer polluting industrial processes, less packaging clogging up landfills, and less clutter in your life. Try to buy second hand where possible.

Grow your own food
Failing that buy local and organic.

Avoid air travel
It is seductively cheap these days but the fastest growing contributor to climate change.

Avoid GM food
The majority of GM produce in the UK goes into animal feed. Find your local animal feed mill on and write to voice your concern, or visit them for a non-violent protest.

Refuse unneeded carrier bags
...and reuse the ones that you do need.

Use alternatives to disposable nappies
Disposables take up to 500 years to decompose, which means that every nappy ever made is still lying in landfill sites - and in the UK alone, we discard 63 million every week.

Buy recycled paper
Especially toilet roll. Un-recycled often comes from virgin rainforest.

Don't buy peat for the garden
Peat bogs, one of Britain's rarest and most ancient, irreplaceable wildlife habitats, have dwindled by an astonishing 94%. Start your own compost heap instead or buy peat-free compost.

Save precious water
Only flush the toilet if you really need to. "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down." Consider rainwater harvesting for your house

Plant a native tree
As trees grow they absorb CO2 and clean the air, they create places for animals and insects to live and look beautiful. Providing the trees are replaced, wood can be used as a renewable fuel or building material.


"You can't solve a problem with the same mindset that created it." Albert Einstein


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