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It is challenging to look the truth of the environmental situation fully in the face without succumbing variously to overwhelm, denial, joyless struggle, despair, hate, harshness, frenzied bouts of unsustainable effort, fear, the grabbing and shaking of people urgently by the lapels, and so on.

These responses are deeply human, and most of us experience some or all at times. But acting from these responses may not be effective in fostering change in attitudes, behaviours or policy – and can be erosive to one’s own spirit.

Restless Natives is one attempt to address the issues we face together whilst also supporting our own joy, love, energy and openness – and hoping to transmit some of that.

What’s in the name?

The phrase dates from the days of British colonial rule. To the sound of distant drums a stiff-upper-lipped, pith-helmeted officer observes, “The natives are restless tonight, sir”.

We take this phrase, turn it on its head and apply it universally. We consider ourselves all native to the good earth and this beautiful planet – whatever our place of origin. And we are indeed restless!



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